Latest OSMC not handling M3U files properly

Today I noticed that my OSMC 2017.06-1 always crashes when trying to play an MP3 folder where also a M3U file resides.
Is that a known issue?
Any logs I might provide?

Yes, debug enabled logs


yes please provide logs showing the issue.

If I’m understand you correctly, when you open the m3u playlists osmc crashes?

How are you creating the m3u playlist?

Thanks Tom.

I’m still struggling with enabling debug logging, however I’ll now try your link.

Either via the tool which rips the MP3s (CDEx) or I create them via a batch:
dir /b>.\Test.m3u

I will update debug logs in a few minutes.

Guess we can close that one:
I noticed the crashes only occur if the M3U file contains relative paths, like:

So I will just make sure the M3Us don’t contain relative paths, and problem solved :wink: