Latest version of OSMC on Pi, drive not getting enough power

I used OSMC for about 3 - 4 months now without any problems on my raspberry pi, I had to reinstall it because of some error that showed up while booting. I used the OSMC installer to write the image on my SD card, everything installed accordingly, my Wlan is up on my OSMC but the drive is not booting up and making noises so I guess it’s lacking the necessary power to boot.

The weird thing is, it booted up before with a lot less powerful power supply and now with a 2.4A powersupply it’s still not working. I even tried adding usb_max_current=1 to the config.txt on the boot folder. It’s still not working, adding that line worked before :confused:

Correct syntax should be max_usb_current=1

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I’m a derp, thank you for pointing that out. The hard drive is booting now :slight_smile: