LED timecode display?

First off, I love the work you guys are doing here. Just a passing thought really, I’m running OSMC RC3 on my Pi2 and I’m really pleased with my setup. The only thing that would be nice would be some kind external LED timecode display that I could glance at whilst I’m watching media.

I was wondering if any work had already been done on this? Would it be possible to add a timecode display with OSMC? Maybe connect it through the GPIO pins or a breadboard etc? I’ve got a pipedream about maybe even connecting some oldschool ex-Soviet nixie tubes (see picture: http://badnixie.com/Web_Files/DSC_10014.JPG) to display the timecode Steampunk-stylee. This probably isn’t feasible but imagine how cool this would be! Any thoughts guys?

I suspect this is definitely something you could build and run off of the gpio and set to run as a service behind Kodi but, it’s such a fringe feature that OSMC would be unlikely to produce. As OSMC is based on Debian, following any instruction/tutorials based there would probably be useful in helping you build/configure such a function. Good luck.