Leia Beta2 running hot on RPi3

TL;DR: RPi3 averaging 65-73c after upgrading to Leia B2. Used to run 46-55c under same load. Obviously there is more load now.

Running OSMC 18.0-Beta2 on a Rpi3 since last night. Since then, my temperature has shot from about roughly 55c to 66 or 70c. While I know a ton of things have changed in the background, I’m running about the same processes I was before. The first culprit was OpenVPN Manager, so I uninstalled that, and that helped in reducing the heat. I doubt that’s supported here anyway.

While it was building libraries (I’ve never really used them, so it was a long build), it shot up again, understandable. But this morning it was around 74c, with the photo slideshow running as a screensaver.

Is there an internal app, or something similar to top I can run to see what processes are running?

It’s not overclocked, I think 1200/400/400 is nominal. The log looked fine, just activity for the screensaver, nothing really alarming.

Also, perhaps related, I can’t seem to delete Python Image Library (although I think that’s vital) because each reboot I was warned it wasn’t compatible and would be disabled…and it couldn’t be, it was greyed out. So I moved the script.module out…I know that’s a kludge, but wanted to try it. Sorry if some of this isn’t OSMC related…if it isn’t let me know and I’ll post on Kodi forums.

I’m also running the stock OSMC skin for 18Alpha. I did try other skins with limited success, they definitely had issues.


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