Lg oled and setting 444 10bit still required?

OK, thanks, I will test this.


Now that’s an interesting development. Just tested and can confirm it works without green GUI effect.

Would you mind sharing the piece of FFmpeg magic that corrected this? I also saw you posted quite a few times in the thread on kodi.tv linked above. Could you tell simply by looking at the .nfo, or is it something only FFmpeg reveals?

I’d also tell the release group’s encoder about this issue but since this is an FGT release – which reddit tells me is just relabeled releases of other groups – and I’m not (yet) on any private trackers, I don’t really know where to turn.

Anyway, thanks for sharing and correcting!

Yes, you can just look at the MediaInfo and say whether the metadata is correct or not. These are the correct values for DCI-P3 D65 gamut which is what you will find in all 4K Ultra HD releases
Display primaries
X[R]: 0.680 Y[R]: 0.320
X[G]: 0.265 Y[G]: 0.690
X[B]: 0.150 Y[B]: 0.060
White point X: 0.3127
White point Y: 0.3290
MediaInfo used to show the actual values, but now if the values match, MediaInfo would display it as “Display P3”.
I use a commercial program to correct the metadata and such. I am not aware this can be done with FFmpeg without re-encoding.

I only corrected the metadata for your clip and it fixed the green GUI problem. Re-reading the posts in that Kodi thread, I am not sure whether the incorrect metadata is actually the cause of the issue or not. Sony Camp HDR video also has incorrect metadata, but that clip doesn’t seem to produce the green GUI issue.

I should also say that this clip had other HEVC conformance errors and I did fix that by re-encoding it, but I saved it with the incorrect metadata. The re-encoded clip did reproduce the green GUI issue.

I have to say that I really don’t why only some of the clips with incorrect metadata produces this green GUI.

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Thanks for the insight! So at least my guess about line 25 of the .nfo was right.
Everything else is beyond my knowledge and to be honest, I don’t want to be forced to read ITU-R RFCs and configure my devices accordingly just to watch a colour TV movie. I still have a job. :smiley:

Fair warning: continued discussion in this direction is what gets threads locked around here. Our terms of service are very clear in this regard.

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The release would likely be NUKED.

I will close the discussion as the issue has been identified.
We may be able to improve the situation for non-compliant videos, but this isn’t a priority at this time.