LG TV Model 55EC930T-TA & LG Magic Remote Model AN-MR500G

Hi Sam,

I just received Vero 2 after happy days with Vero 1. I’m not sure how, but it seemed that my Vero 1 “automagically” recognised the LG remote that came with this TV as I noticed a .conf file for it in the Remotes section. Now that I’ve installed the Vero 2, my LG remote no longer works correctly (buttons cause actions but not as expected - pressing Up causes Left move, etc.) , and there is no .conf file for the LG Remote as in the Vero 1.

How do I get my LG Remote working like it was in Vero 1 - does it automatically get recognised, or do I have to do something?

If the remote is used poining at the TV, then it will be working thro’ CEC.
I wouldn’t have expected a special .conf file for vero1 or vero2 - but you might need a keyboard.xml or remote.xml


I believe someone else with an LG TV is experiencing some trouble with CEC and I think it’s the same model. Unfortunately the CEC implementation on LG TVs is quite quirky to the say the least. If you can get a debug log, this may help us see if you need to customise some keys


These new LG “Magic” Remotes (Model AN-MR500G) work even when not pointed at the TV, but yes I’m pretty sure this works via CEC though I could be wrong.

I remember there was no .conf file named after LG in Remotes when I first got my Vero 1 (or at least, I don’t remember seeing it). After some time, I noticed a file named LG something that was loaded in the Remotes within MyOSMC, but I have no idea how it got there. I figured it must have come with an update. I was mightily impressed that it appeared to be found automatically, but of course it may have already been there and I didn’t notice it.

Thanks for the info @rawnet.
I suggest you do as Sam suggests - turn on debugging, use the control, noting the wrong performance, and post the logs.
(this is the method I sorted out one of my remote controllers)