Libary import via xml

If you have Android tablets then Yatse is the easiest way to go

What about kodi core app or is yaste better. My inital thought was to have kodi installed on each tablet. And then add i the advanced settings the details for the server.

In the advanced settings xml. Where it asks for ip address can i enter the ethernet and hotspot it or so it listens to both ports.

Never used Kodi Core App, so can not judge. is something that you would use for a bind address.
Not sure which setting/section you are referring to in advancedsettings.xml

This is what i mean. In the host settings can i add two ip address’s


> <advancedsettings>
>   <videodatabase>
>     <type>mysql</type>
>     <host>***.***.***.***</host>
>     <port>3306</port>
>     <user>kodi</user>
>     <pass>kodi</pass>
>   </videodatabase> 
>   <musicdatabase>
>     <type>mysql</type>
>     <host>***.***.***.***</host>
>     <port>3306</port>
>     <user>kodi</user>
>     <pass>kodi</pass>
>   </musicdatabase>
>   <videolibrary>
>     <importwatchedstate>true</importwatchedstate>
>     <importresumepoint>true</importresumepoint>
>   </videolibrary>
> </advancedsettings>

No. You can only enter one MySQL server.

Hi there i am struggering to set this up at the moment, but has anyone got a step by step guide on hot to set up Maria DB and myphp admin. please


Is this on a platform running osmc? If so:

if not, please provide some more details on what device you are trying to set this up on?

Thanks Tom.

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I have got PHP my admin to work but when imporitng my lxml file into it i get this message

You probably tried to upload a file that is too large. Please refer to [documentation]

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I believe that there is a configuration in phpMyAdmin for how large an uploaded file can be. I’d suggest you read up on the phpMyAdmin documentation to learn more.

What kind of file is that you try to import?

Hi there i exported my kodi libary to a single file so i could choose its file locaton.

i thin went into php admin and tried to import the Kodi/OSMC libary into a new data base, it then advised that the file was to large to up load, my xml file was contains about 193 films., i have tried altering the confi file to increas upload etc, but still not good. i know there are apps that i can use to play the fils from localy etc but like the idea of using mariddb and having my rasberry pi 3b+ as the central server.

Once the MariaDB connection is established to KODI all you need to do is import the XML file via the KODI interface to insert your collection into the database. Conversely, you can simply update library and the movies will all be scrapped again.

That wouldn’t work, as @wbeard52 wrote the Kodi import/export is only for within Kodi.

phpmyadmin only could import data that is in database/table format.

Ok so how do i export/import the database into mariadb step by step would be good.

If you’ve already set up your advancedsettings.xml to point to your mariadb install, just go into Kodi and import, should be in the same place where you exported.

Outside of the initial MySQL/MariaDB database setup you do everything in the same way as if your using a normal Kodi install. As ActionA pointed out this Kodi import is what you want and there is a wiki for that…

thanks i have followed the gude from here [Wiki] Install and configure mysql server and clients - #27. but unable to see my libary in phpadmin

Well as I wrote in that thread getting root access depends on where you install phpmyadmin. Anyhow that should not impact your importing via Kodi. Suggest you upload your logs after trying to import your database via Kodi.