LibCEC 4.0.2 Changes not saving or working as expected


I trying to prevent TV turning on when Pi boots (actually reboot after patching or whatever, as Pi is in holiday house)

If i modify the LibCEC configuration (settings>system>input>peripheral>libCEC firmware v1), selecting ‘Devices to power on during startup to None’, and just to be sure deselecting ‘switch source to this device on startup’ my (samsung) TV still turns on upon Pi boot.

I notice that the default setting for ‘Switch source to this device on startup’ is selected, however modifying does not appear to save when i go back into these settings after a restart.

There isn’t a ‘save’ button per se, just a OK, Cancel and Defaults. I tried OK of course to no effect, as well as just backing out of settings using ESC.

Suggestions much appreciated.

Cheers, Geoff.

I believe this will be fixed in a future update which will land soon.



o for oarsome.