Library backup - Export OK to a NAS, but I can not import


I have my rpi2-osmc in the same lan with a NAS. Yesterday, I tested for the first time the option “backup video library”. I choose export and without problem I download the export-files to my NAS (SAMBA folders of my NAS are correctly detected), the problem is now with the import.

I select IMPORT LIBRARY but the path to my NAS is not shown, it seems only local files/folders of the SD CARD are available for importing.

I am missing something?


Go to System>file manager and add the network location as a source, then return and try to import.

just done,

but still the same, the added network location does not appear with the IMPORT LIBRARY option

It appears that you may have to copy the db to the home folder using samba and then import. Since the same behavior seems to be present in the OSMC skin and Confluence, you may want to report this in the Kodi forums. Doesn’t appear to be an OSMC issue.