Library DB issues - possible corruption/lost data

Hi all,

It looks like my Library (OSMC, Kodi 17.1, Raspberry Pi3) has been corrupted overnight. It was not from an update, last one was April 27 when I updated to 17.1. The only thing I can think of was my video source drive, which is a network location, became unavailable while playing it (I have the PC auto shutdown at 2am - kind of a forced go-to-bed thing).

Today, all my episode and movie info is missing. All files are visible and playable and tv show info is there but no episode info exists.

When I check the library db files (I used sqlite3 to view raw db), there is only 66 rows in the episode table (for 83 TV shows) from manually rescanning a couple of seasons of 2 or 3 shows. The MyVideos99 file is still there from Kodi 16.

I’m wondering if there is a way to re-migrate the old MyVideos99.db to MyVideos107.db or am I stuck having to rescan everything?


If I’m not mistaken just stop Kodi, rename MyVideos107.db to MyVideos107.db.bak (To keep a copy just in case) and start up Kodi again. It will find the last db file and upgrade.