Library Support / USB Mounting - Almost there!

I have the OSMC almost fully setup now. I am just struggling with the library support. I have 2 test files on my USB drive and now that I have added the video source /mnt/HDD the library updates and pulls down the required information - therefore names match the databases and it all looked good.

The issue is that after a reboot I have to remap the source, and it seems hit and miss if it will actually update.

The other issue I face is that one of my video files is a TV source and one is a Movie. I have mounted the location of /mnt/HDD/ twice in both TV shows and Movies and it is not populating the front diary only the one at the backend inside TV shows.

I want to be able to see the new files as and when they are available on the front screen.

Are the files on the HDD separated into TV and movie folders? Or all mixed in the same directory?

They are all in a /complete folder. I don’t have a way on my client (transmission) to separate them as far as I am aware.

I tried mapping the drive to videos and then mapping it as HDD(2) to TV…

This won’t work. TVshows and Movies must be held in 2 separate directories for content scraping to work properly. You cannot use the same source location for TV and for Movies.

Then I guess you will have to manually do it.

ActionA - thanks so much for the replies. SUreluy the scraper should just search all the strings. When it does this against movies and finds a different string it would just not populate?

If this is not possible, do you know of a way for trasnmission to direct downloads to the directory the torrent was loaded from, or a way to split them up automatically.

The process of an autoupdate is kind of undermined by having to move files after they are complete.

The link I provided demonstrates that this is clearly not the case, nor has it ever been in Kodi.

You should seek support for Transmission behavior from Transmission support channels. OSMC has no bearing on such functions.