Library update from remote and screensaver


I got a new Vero4K after the RPi3 was a bit sluggish, and the Shield TV was not running Kodi in a stable manner.

A couple of quick questions about the operation:

  1. There is no settings/right click button in the remote that works in the main menu, so in order to update the library I have to go into one of the libraries press the left button and select update library. Is there a simpler way to perform the library update?

  2. In order to reduce the risk of burn in on my OLED TV, I’ve set the screensaver to black screen. It works fine when pressing the pause button on the remote.
    However, my wife like to launch the menu, and select pause with the arrow buttons.
    When the playback is paused that way, the screensaver does use the black screen setting but defaults back to dim. Seems like a bug to me, is there any workaround? My wife is likely to pause playback and leave it that way for quite a while, so I’m concerned about burn in .

  3. I’ve seen it discussed before, but not sure what is the result. Is there any plan to implement standby and power on via the RF remote or CEC?


Context menu button should do this.

  1. I believe this is intentional. Screensavers won’t kick in when the player is active.

  2. This has been discussed in quite great detail. In short: it is coming


Dear Sam,


  1. Context menu button does nothing for me on the Main Menu, I didn’t find a way to do this.
  2. Any way to bypass this? This behavior doesnt make much sense to me. It’s a paused film either way, don’t see a reason the behavior should be different. A screen saver is also implemented in that case, but only dim and not the user defined.
  3. Perfect, thanks!

For #1 you could remap a key and use it for a library update, but you’d (kind of) lose that key for other things. Here’s some information on key mapping:

You can edit that file from Kodi with the following addon:

As a completely untested example, if you wanted to use one of the number keys on your remote to refresh the library from the home screen, you’d do something like this:


As I said, completely untested, but hopefully that’ll give you a start on something to try.


Library update works fine from the remote now.

However after the latest versions with sleep / suspend mode, the sleep mode usually doesnt engage when pausing a movie, only when the system is idle in the menu.
Sometimes the screensaver is activated (black screen), most of the time not.

Known issue?