Library update stuck - Scans a few items then stops


I have had problems for a while with my library updates. I usually use MySQL and it has worked flawlessly for a long while now. But suddenly it stopped scanning the library. Or it does start, makes it through a few movies (20-30 items). Then stops and wont move. If I restart the Vero it does start, but it gets stuck again really soon. It just looks for a while then stops again.

I have dropped my MySQL databases to see if that helped, but it stopped on the same place again. I then tried to skip using MySQL and use the standard “on-device”-library. Same problem again. I then checked the logs and found some errors in my logs, but I am not good enough on these things to understand them fully. So please give me a hand if you can understand what it says and what I can do about it.

Edit: New logs:

Turn on debug logging, reboot twice and the let it go until it stops scanning. Don’t do anything else while it is scanning. Upload a new log once it stops. Also let us know if you are using any external program for nfo generation.

On an unrelated note I would recommend turning on adjust refresh rate in settings>player.

Alright, I’ll get that!

I don’t use any external program for anything nfo-related. My install is pretty basic with just a different skin and this library stuff.

Thanks for the tip, I’ll try that out as well!

I repeated the steps you posted. Here is the new log:

Is what your missing just the Daniel.Day-Lewis.FiLMOGRAPHY stuff?

Sadly not, its a couple of hundreds of movies missing. Can it be something wrong with that pack and therefor it stops every time?

It is not stopping. There is quite a few movies in that pack that it can’t figure out the movie name from the file name though so that is why I asked. If your missing a lot of movies aside from that then you probably need to figure out if what your missing is all from a particular file path. You may need to force a new scan by going to videos>files> context menu over a source with missing movies> select change content and then set the type to none and hit OK. In the dialog box that pops up asking if you want to remove these items from your library say no. You would then need to context menu over that same folder, select set content, and then setup your scraper settings again. When it asks you if you want to rescan say yes. This should force it to look in any folders it was skipping over due to not seeing a new filestamp date.

Run the addon Missing Movies/ TV Shows they will show up and then go look at each one of them in the folder to make sure its named properly