Lightning icon on upper right corner

Hi, I install OSMC on brand new Rpi3B+ with new sdcard. Mount NFS media folders from my Rpi4 NAS (with external HDD with power supply). I try 4 different smartphone chargers including motorola quick charge 3.0. I see that icon sometimes when go to that NFS shares. Is is not harmful for my pi?
Regards Przemek.

The Pi is reporting that it’s not getting enough power. You should consider using a proper power supply rather than a charger.

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But I read that Rpi3B+ needs 5V-2,5A and i connect such charger even quick charger 5V-3A

Phone chargers are not proper power supplies. They are not designed to give a constant 5V.

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OK, thanks for help. I order power supplies dedicated to my Rpi3 and 4.