Limited video option

Is it possible to set the video range to limited 16-235 on the Vero 4k?


In the next update this should be working again and you should be able to set it via command line

Thanks Sam.

Will it be back in the UI or command line only?
Would/could using a limited video range affect HDR playback?

I will add a GUI option in the future

You don’t want this on if you want HDR.

Thought that might be the case…

At the moment I have to switch the HDMI input on my display to full range otherwise blacks get crushed on SDR & HDR material via the Vero. As everything is fed via an AVR to a single HDMI input this then messes with my Tivo & Roku picture which really need the HDMI set to limited.
I will have to see what settings are available in the AVR for brightness & contrast per HDMI input.