Limiting pre shipped add-ons

Languages and PVR add-ons are making my add on list bloated and cumbersome to maintain via the UI.

Why are they all shipped with OSMC by default?

I remember thinking about this too when I first started using my vero but never bothered to ask or do something about it.

I think it was language addons and maybe fonts that were problematic

Has been asked and answered before


It might be an idea for future builds to copy the selected language (from the first run wizard) to the Kodi addons folder, but leave the others out.

What’s the benefit? The add-ons don’t use any resources if they are not enabled and very little space.

The list of add-ons in the “My add-ons -> All” view becomes so cluttered with unused PVR/language add-ons that it can no longer be used. Don’t sweat it. It’s a very minor thing and maybe not even worth a discussion.

It’s just something that I found remarkable to see that all those add-ons are pre-installed in OSMC while that is not the approach of team Kodi as far as their own installers go.