Lip-Sync Error & Changing A Default Setting Fixed It - Any Downside?

I was playing a concert video and noticed the lip-sync was not working. Lip-sync was ok for other files I sampled around the same time as a comparison. Searched this community and found various posts about lip-syncing. Of particular interest was HW vs SW decoding. When pressing the remote button with three stripes on it, this was shown:
video decoder: ff-mpeg4 (SW).
pixel format: yuv420p.
deinterlace method: unknown.
video stream: ff-mpeg4 720x400.

In settings/player/videos/accelerate MPEG4, the Default Setting was: HD & Up.
I changed it to “Allways”.
That fixed the lip-sync problem as the video now shows:
video decoder: am-mpeg4 (HW).
pixel format: unknown
deinterlace method: hardware
video stream: am-mpeg4 720x400.

Three questions:

  1. Why is that setting set to HD & Up, by default?

  2. Now that I have changed it to “Allways”, will that have any detrimental effect on some other files I play with the Vero 4K?

  3. Will that setting default to HD & Up each time an update is released?

I “spoke too soon” as the lip-sync still remains with the concert video.

I will see if I can get a different encode of the concert.

I would still like an answer to the three questions.

  1. I think with sw decoding you get more processing options, so if it’s not needed for speed then no need for hw decode.
  2. Shouldn’t do, but every file is different. Try it.
  3. No

If it plays OK on a PC (ie no HDMI and AVR to get in the way) then the file is probably OK.

Thanks for your help.

I reset to default: settings/player/videos/accelerate MPEG4

Obtained from another source, a 39GB file size as opposed to the 4.3GB I had. No lip-sync problem with the new file.

Now shows:
video decoder: am-h264(HW)
pixel format: unknown
deinterlace method: hardware
video stream: am-h264, 1920x1080px

The original file had no lip-sync problem with any of my three media players, if they were not routed through my receiver. It played fine through the laptop as well. Through the receiver, problem appeared.

Do the same with the replacement file and no lip-sync problem at all through the receiver, or anywhere else.

I give up :slight_smile:

Note To Self: it is less time consuming to just try another file of the video first. lol.

Interesting. Does your receiver have a lip-sync setting, and does it make any difference?

My receiver is the Onkyo TX-RZ810 and its manual says:

This setting automatically corrects any desynchronization between the video and audio signals based on data from the HDMI LipSync compatible TV.”

My TV is the Samsung 55JS9000. It has HDMI 2.0a Inputs (which adds support for dynamic lip-syncing). I have had the TV for four years and the Onkyo for 2.5 years and have never had a lip-sync issue before. There is no option to adjust audio time delay in the Onkyo as it does it all automatically. The setting has On/Off and I have always had it On.

I put this issue down to the encoding of the file, as I can’t think of anything else.

So many variables. You don’t mention the framerate of either file or what framerate you were playing them at.

Glad you found an answer, but for my insatiable curiosity, can you tell me where you got those files from (PM if necessary) or if you have the skills, make a short clip of each from a part where the lip-sync issue is obvious?

Have sent you a PM.