Lip Sync issues on software decoding

I have a small issue with some rare x264 10bit files. Since there is no hardware decoder for that format, the Vero 4k uses software decoding. Picture quality is fine and stable, but unfortunately audio is out of sync, appr. 100ms video delay. My guess this is the result of the cpu heavy software decoding. Audio is passed through to my AVR.

Is there anything I can do to avoid this issue? So far the only two solutions are manually setting a 100ms delay each time for such a video (annoying) or use the snyc audio/video option which unfortunately diables passthrough (also annoying, either for switching it on and off or living the loss of sound quality permanently by losing PT).

Is it somehow possible to have the latter only enabled when the video is software decoded? That would mean that AV sync is only enabled for software decoded video and I woul never have to switch settings.

Of course I am open for any other solution as well.

I suspect the same.
There are some improvements in Kodi v8 regarding this.

Unfortunately this is quite niche and not guaranteed to work.
Can I get a sample?



I actually already replaced the files (with more mainstream encodes) because that seemed to be the third and best solution to the problem. Since there is no hardware decoder for that format regardless which device and which OS, the problem would probably occur even in 10 years on a different media player.

The real question is why some people encode with x264 10bit when there is no hardware decoder for that…