LIRC informations


I have few rpi and odroid at home, running OSMC and OpenELEC.
My remote (Microsoft MCE RC6) behavior is not the same, depending on the distribution.
Some concrete examples:
[]Green Media button => KEY_HOME on OSMC, KEY_MEDIA on OpenELEC
]Audio button => not recognized on OSMC, KEY_LANGUAGE on OpeneELEC


I’d like to have same Lircmap.Xml and remote.xml files on all my devices: easier to maintain!
So is there a way to make OSMC run as OpenELEC for my remote (as it seems OpenELEC recognise more buttons)?
Change lircd.conf? or it’s kernel harcoded? (devinput vs linux-input-layer)


This all depends on the remote, and how it’s connected (USB or GPIO TSOP?)

Did you enable the RC6 decoder in My OSMC -> Remotes?
Did you choose the correct remote profile in My OSMC -> Remotes?

You can edit Lircmap or remote.xml if you want to do that. You can also edit lircd.conf, or choose an existing profile in OSMC.