LIRC IR remote problems


So I followed the instructions on but when I have mapped all the keys and gone to /home/pi/lircd.conf there is nothing there, the file is empty.

Any suggestions anyone?


The instructions you reference are for Raspbmc. This forum supports OSMC not Raspbmc, and they are very different. Which are you running ?

I think learning is the same, check /home/osmc for lircd.conf rather than /home/pi

Yes OSMC, There is a config file in /home/osmc for lircd.conf that I pasted in from LIRC remotes database but strangely there is no response on the pi.
Testing with mode2 -d /dev/lirc0 had it working ok

Go to MyOSMC and turn on remote in PiConfug then go to the remote module in PiConfig and browse to your lircd.conf