Live TV & EPG - my objective review

I’m using OSMC with the OSMC skin on a RPI2 with the latest MythTV frontend 1.12.11 and the latest Mythbuntu as my backend. As a whole everything works good but I have a few questions / comments.

  • Is there a way to change the channel number location so it’s not at the far right side of the channel info?
  • When adding a timer to a show there’s not a indicator in the EPG. (Confluence had the “checked box”)
  • In the recordings & timers menu, it would be nice to utilize more space so longer names would fully appear and the date.
  • Where is the folder are the channel icons cached? I change an icon but it still uses the original that’s cached. (SOLVED by deleting the Textures13.db file)
  • On several of the menus scrolling up is not allowed. This would be nice for all menus.

Pictures attached as reference. (sorry for the poor quality)


Well ok then. Feel free to delete this thread.

I don’t use mythtv so can help you here but as most of your question seems to be mythtv based your post may be better suited to their forum. If some problems are only appearing in the new osmc skin you can go back to confluence for now in the settings

Sorry can’t realy help any further


Thanks Pete. Although I’m using Mythtv, I don’t think my issues are Mythtv based because they are not there in the Confluence skin. And I wouldn’t really call them issues, more like comments and suggestions. I really like the OSMC skin and the ability to customize it so I don’t want to go back to Confluence.