Live TV menu item not showing

I know this has been asked before.
But i haven’t found the magic bullet in the other threads, so I try here afresh.
I got tvheadend running on my NAS and want to activate live TV on my osmc install.
I activated the TV headend PVR add-on and enabled “TV” in the settings menu.
But no TV appears in the main menu.

I can see in the tvheadend backend Kodi has connected.
In /home/osmc/.kodi/temp/kodi.log there are no errors.
Mind you, I did play with the PVR IPTV simple client a while ago, and I had a TV menu item back then. When I enable the PVR IPTV simple client again, the LiveTV item appears again, but without the tvheadend channels. Maybe something got misconfigured in the process of starting stopping PVR clients.
I read somewhere about the TV*.db files blocking TV. But I deleted them and it didn’t help.

Do you know how I can get this solved? Any hints appreciated.



Does pressing B, E, H or K bring up the TVHeadend PVR client?
If you go to Settings -> TV -> General -> Channel Manager does it show you the TVHeadend Channels?

Enable debugging and provide logs when enableing/disabling the addon and also TV.

Quick reply.
I don’t have a keyboard attached , so it’s a bit difficult. What should these keys do normally? Is there a remote control way of doing this?

And what do you mean with enabling debuging. Is this the debuging in the Tvheadend add-on? I saw an option there.


E.g. B = Live TV: Schedule recording timers
I think you can not trigger it from the remote unless you have buttons mapped.
But you either can install yatse if you have a Android phone to trigger it or use remote-cli via ssh

No just debugging log in Kodi as explained here How to submit a useful support request - General - OSMC

I hooked up a keyboard and checked. E B and K work. But there don’t seem to be any channels.
Interestingly, I am sure when I enabled the Tvheadend HTSP add-on, I saw the importing of channels happen
(that small dialog in the upper right corner) I remember some of the channel names even. NPO1 should be there…

I’ll start with the debuglogs.

What is the channel manager showing?

Nothing… :frowning: empty list. for the log files.

This case can be closed. It was a problem between desk and chair…
I didn’t make the last step to map all the channels in tvheadend.
As there were no channels, the TV menu item didn’t show. All is working like a charm now.