Live tv question

I really do not understand it, I mean live tv on osmc. With raspbmc I had not problems, it was easy and it simply was achievable: Enabling livetv via settings, then livetv appeared in the main menu. Starting tvheadend server via raspmc settings. Enabling a tvheadend client and, last but not least, the dvb-t did work with the appropriate firmware flawlessly.
Now with osmc I enable livetv via settings, but nothing appears in the menu. Installing (and starting) the tvheadend server is not at all as painless as before. And, last but not least, the dvb-t stick does not work anymore. I get the latest firmware with get_dvb_firmware (it9135) , the stick is initialized correctly (I can see it with dmesg) but then simply it does not work.
This is somewhat disappointing…

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It’s actually easier on OSMC, you just need to install it via the App Store.

It’s possible we’re missing some firmware. We’ll add more in time.

This is alpha software, meaning it is experimental. Without a log, we’re unable to diagnose the problem. Saying it does ‘not work’ does not help us get to the bottom of the issue.

Thanks @miappa for pointing me to the fact that it is alpha software, I would call it patronizing though.

Okay, with the build from 30/01 I cannot proceed because it’s impossible to install tvheadend server. ‘sudo’ ist not working and I cannot get root access (‘osmc is not in the sudoers file, This incident will be reported’)
So I will send you the log when with a next build root access is working again. But, mmh, which log? As I said dmesg says that my dvb-t stick is initialized correctly but then nothing else happens. Tell me which log and I’ll post it here.

This is an unpublished, unannounced build. Do not browse the server’s builds directory if you do not expect breakage.

For our publicly released versions: you can install the TvHeadend server.

Presumably, the TVHeadend log? You have still not explained what ‘nothing happens’ means. Where is the issue specifically? Is the tuner visible in TvHeadend? Do you have issues scanning for services? Importing in to Kodi?

For us to help you, you need to tell us clearly the issue you are having.

I would recommend you do not use OSMC as it is in Alpha and you do not seem able to diagnose issues. If you want a stable experience stick with Raspbmc for now.


Ah, tvheadend log, you don’t say. Why is there no log in /var/log/? Starting tvheadend with `-l somefile.txt’ I get:

Jan 31 11:27:03.050 [  DEBUG]:linuxdvb: fe_create(0x1a36b30, /dev/dvb/adapter0/frontend0, /dev/dvb/adapter0/d$
Jan 31 11:27:03.090 [  ERROR]:tcp: bind: *: Die Adresse wird bereits verwendet
Jan 31 11:27:03.097 [   INFO]:CSA: Using 32bit parallel descrambling
Jan 31 11:27:03.110 [   INFO]:epggrab: module pyepg created
Jan 31 11:27:03.117 [   INFO]:epggrab: module xmltv created
Jan 31 11:27:03.127 [  DEBUG]:epggrab: using internal grab search
Jan 31 11:27:03.138 [   INFO]:epgdb: loaded v2
Jan 31 11:27:03.147 [   INFO]:epgdb:   channels   0
Jan 31 11:27:03.153 [   INFO]:epgdb:   brands     0
Jan 31 11:27:03.154 [   INFO]:epgdb:   seasons    0
Jan 31 11:27:03.156 [   INFO]:epgdb:   episodes   0
Jan 31 11:27:03.157 [   INFO]:epgdb:   broadcasts 0
Jan 31 11:27:03.163 [   INFO]:dvr: Creating new configuration ''
Jan 31 11:27:03.164 [WARNING]:dvr: Output directory for video recording is not yet configured for DVR configu$
Jan 31 11:27:03.175 [ NOTICE]:START: HTS Tvheadend version 0.0.0~unknown started, running as PID:912 UID:1000$
Jan 31 11:27:03.257 [  DEBUG]:AVAHI: Adding service 'Tvheadend'
Jan 31 11:27:04.136 [   INFO]:AVAHI: Service 'Tvheadend' successfully established.

/dev/dvb/adapter0 is not empty.
The dvb-t stick appears in the tvheadend configuration, but I cannot scan any service.

Hihi, very funny. I face the same problems with a current raspbmc; I use an outdated one which I do not update anymore.

I tell you something, I was intending to buy a vero, though I was strongly adviced not to do so (e.g. in the debianforum). Saved by the bell…

Only system logs are meant to go there.

Now we are starting to get to the problem. Do you get an error, or nothing at all? There have been some bugs in recent TVH versions where scanning simply doesn’t do anything.

I am not sure what you’re getting at, but people are trying to help you here.

Ha! I compared the tuner names in the tvheadend config. In raspbmc where livetv is working it is displayed like this:
ITE 9135(9005) Generic_1
In osmc it is:
Afatech AF9033 (DVB-T) : DVB-T #0

Don’t know what that means. Firmeware is identical.

btw: Thanks for your patience.