Live TV; Wrong position of subtitles

On HD-channels the subtitles is placed to the left middle of screen watching Live-TV, and is also very tiny. On SD -channels the subs is placed just as it supposed of normal font size at the lower centre of screen.

I’m using Tvheadend PVR addon.

Any ideas?


this is the same issue as I reported a week ago - no comments sadly :frowning:

This seems to be a general KODI releated problem with several PVR addons due to posts in the KODI forum.

I think the issue is fixed by

Can it be implemented into OSMC soon as well??

For me it is now working as supposed since a weak back or something like that.

Edit: problem persists.

Are you sure? I still have it (just tested again to be sure with a fully updated OSMC), but it has always for me only been on HD streams.

Sorry. When I tested, it was sd-material casted on a HD-channel that fooled me.

Still have this error. Nothing new?

another thread for same error

Seems to work as supposed now.