LiveTV Stuttering Fixed in June Update Returns with July Update

The May update caused a problem with LiveTV stuttering with h264 channels at 1080 60fps. Downscaling to 720p was a temporary solution, and the June update fixed my problem. I updated to the July release this morning and the problem is back. Downscaling to 720p has again fixed the problem temporarily. Here’s the original post:

What do you mean by downscaling?
I can give you a temporary workaround but some logs would be great.

Are recordings affected, and if so, can I get a sample?


By downscale I mean I set the cablebox to output only 720p so that the analog encoder I’m using passes the h264 as 720p instead of 1080p. Recordings are not affected (either the original recording or playback of the recordings). It’s only LiveTV, and only h264 channels (MPEG2 channels are fine). This is the exact same problem I was having in May that got fixed with the June update.

This info will be in the logs, but I’m using NextPVR as my backend (although I recall last time someone with TVHeadEnd was having the same LiveTV playback problem with H264 1080p 60fps files).

Playback starts around 7:39p HST and goes for around a minute. Thanks for looking into this.

Give me a couple of days to bump Kodi to top of Leia tree, as there are some fixes there. Then let me know if this doesn’t improve things.


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