Loading media information

when i click on an album in my music folder the loading media information bar comes up and it some times take a little while for the album to load, but ive noticed when you’ve done this once that album will load straight away next even after reboot,
is there a way to scan the whole library as to pre load all the media information to prevent this from happening?



great thanks its doing its thing

so i followed the quick start guide and added the music to the library but it didnt help if anything i would say it hangs a bit longer it only does the first time an album is selected,

ive got just under 90 albums in this library but there will be a lot more when its fully loaded up and im wanting to use OSMC as a mobile juke box so this loading media really takes the smoothness away, is there anything else i can try?

has anyone got any ideas that might help?


Thanks Dilligaf