Loading OSMC on to blank memory card

Hello. I have tried searching and havent been able to find an answer that I can understand (Really new to OSMC). My memory card for Vero crashed on me due to my own miss handling. I have downloaded the disk image for OSMC for the Vero. The file that I downloaded is significantly larger then the total data currently present on the memory card. Im still getting by with the Vero (although it crashes frequently because the memory card is faulty I think) until I can install a new copy of OSMC on to a new memory card I have just want to confirm what the proper download is.

Use the installer on your windows machine from OSMC.TV/downloads to image the vero image on the new card and then insert and boot the Vero

If you go to osmc.tv/download there is a Windows, Linux or Mac installer which will help you re-install OSMC on to the SD card.