Locking MyOSMC

Hey There,

I recently got a Vero4K setup for my kids media center, and I’m curious If there is an option to hide MyOSMC or master lock it? I pretty much eliminated everything but the Movie and TV options and restricted access to the settings, but I’m afraid they’re going to get into MyOSMC and screw around.

Settings -> Interface -> Skin -> Configure Skin -> General -> Customize main menu -> MyOSMC -> Enabled

I don’t see that as an option under General.

Are you using OSMC Skin?

I was using Estuary, but since switching to OSMC skin I see it now. I need to enable skin add-ons. The only one I can’t find is the skin shortcuts.

Edit: So after searching for the skin shortcut, I was able to find it in the add-on repository. Got it working. Thanks for the help.