Logitech Harmony bluetooth help!

Ok so I have been using OSMC(16 beta 5) on RPi2 for some time now. I used my phone to control it. But I found my old Moto bluetooth dongle. So i hooked it up and got bluetooth going and programed my Logitech Harmony Smart Controller to it. It works great but…when i reset OSMC I have to repair it in the Harmony app. Anyone know how to make it so i dont have too?

So i have no idea how to help you, but i’m interested in what you are doing. Will any generic bluetooth dongle work? Is each remote paired with just one dongle, meaning i could have two RPi2 devices and two remotes working in close proximity to one another without interference? What is this Harmony app and where is it (is it an OSMC app)?

Not just any Bluetooth dongle will work look here to see what one’s will http://elinux.org/RPi_USB_Bluetooth_adapters others that not on the list may work like my motoral pc850 but u never know. To get Bluetooth to work right ssh into ur raspberry pi and type “sudo apt-get install alsa-utils bluez bluez-tools pulseaudio-module-bluetooth python-gobject python-gobject-2” with out the “” And yes one remote is pair with a dongle. And the harmony app is and android/ios app for my Logitech Harmony Smart Remote and keyboard. But I have a ir receiver on its way so I may not use the Bluetooth for much longer.

Thanks for the info. When you say you have a receiver on the way, are you referring to an IR receiver?

np and yes a ir reciver

So, if you weren’t having the issue with the BT receiver, would you stick with the RF link? Any other reasons to go IR instead of RF (BT)?

So if I could get the bt to say paired I would not use an it recover cuz I have a harmony keyboard with it

Hi can you help with this,

Had Bluetooth working with harmony but had to reinstall OSMC and now it won’t pair.

Tried that bluez util update but says its out of date or no longer available. Is there an a new version

Managed to get it paired but now have same problem where it needs repaired when reset.

Did you find a solution?

Sorry i did not