Logitech Harmony Ultimate One acting weird

after the latest (I think) osmc update, my Logitech Harmony Ultimate One is acting in a weird way.
most annoying thing is, each time I launc kodi/osmc, when I press the central OK button it seems it is receiving like 3 or 4 clicks quickly.
I also have problems sometimes with the responsiveness of the remote.
it was working fine before, is there any settings I can try to make it work better?
also: which is the correct mini jack port on the Vero4K for the IR extender?

What version did you update from?
Has the Harmony received any updates?

I updated from the december update to the latest one. or whatever it was before that, I always keep my vero4k updated.
the Harmony wasn’t updated, in fact it’s months since I lastly synced it to its software.

Has something changed in your environment?
Last remote changes were around June

I remember having looked here some time ago and I changed something in the remote prefs (osmc menu) but didn’t improve.
What can I do now?

Hard to speculate without knowing more info.
Have you checked the obvious things like batteries etc?


the remote is in charging every night in its dock :slight_smile:
is there any log or something I can send you so you could check?

Yes – you can send some logs via My OSMC.