Looking for some guidance/advise

Hello All,
I am looking for advise on the following two questions…

  1. I am running OSMC on a 4GB card and want to move the contents to a 16GB card. I read that I need to resize the card using gparted else I will end up with only 4gb usable space on the 16GB card.
    a. I tried to look but did not find step by step instructions for a noob like me; can you help me with this? I do have a windows laptop and a linux desktop but I am not at all proficient with the linux system.

  2. I have an older Pi (2011.12) and I use it to stream my media that’s on a linux (Centos) machine. I had someone help me setup both the systems. I do have some add-ons to watch movies and TV shows online.
    a. Given my use case does it make sense for me to upgrade to Pi3?
    b. If yes can I salvage anything from the existing Pi setup; like case or the power adapter?
    c. If you do recommend the upgrade what is your recommendation for the SD card?
    i. Should I use the new 16GB card on the existing system; use gparted to reclaim the space and then somehow upgrade the OS to work with Pi3 or Is there any other way.


  1. Do you have an SD card reader to use with your Linux desktop? If so then this should be pretty easy but see my next comment as I think you will ultimately be wasting your time.

2a) Do you know how much RAM your Pi has? From the date, it looks like an original 256Mb Pi1 this is really well past its lifetime and you’d benefit greatly from a newer device like a Pi3 or a Vero.
2b) The case for a Pi1 will not fit a Pi2/3. The power cable may be ok if it is rated as 2.5A, if it is less than this then no, probably not.
2c) The SD cards from the OSMC shop (https://osmc.tv/store/product/osmc-16gb-sd-card/) have been carefully selected to provide good performance.

I myself would start from a fresh install and install only the addons I want but I’m a bit particular about having a nice clean system. If you want to keep all your existing settings/addons then it’s probably easiest to upgrade your existing system in-place then to take a backup (Backing up Settings - General - OSMC) and restore this backup onto the new system, that should keep everything for you.

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Another way is use the Backup addon with a thumb drive then Start with a Fresh Install of OSMC on to a 16 gig card then do a restore