Losing path to Qnap after router is power cycled

sustem comprised of several Vero 4K boxes all pointing to folders on a large Qnap NAS

If there is a power outage aloe if the router is power cycled for any reason the vero boxes will no longer be able to play any content

The NAS has a static IP address and the IP range of the router is the same so I can’t see why this should happen

If I go through the whole vero setup process again from scratch and point them at the NAS folders it will play etc as before.

Any help is appreciated

How are the shares setup?

Kodi or Kernel Mounts?


Thanks Tom.

Hi Tom.

In all honesty right now I don’t remember as I’m away from the site so don’t have direct access to it. I set things up a while ago but the system belongs to a friend.
He has the same setup in a another location albeit with a different router. I can’t understand why the router also you’d be to blame however.

I will get some remote access via team viewer tomorrow but that will only let me see the router and the Qnap web interfaces. Not the vero boxes.

Just for reference the router is a proroute GEM420. 4g SIM card etc

Are these Veros and the NAS sitting on the same local network or is there some kind of routing going on?

Same local network. Nothing fancy

Well surely need more details of your setup and also need you to have direct access to the system to do some checks in the moment it is happening

Why is that? If you have teamviewer access to a device in the same network as the Veros surely you will be able to access the Veros