Losing RAM & crashing

Hi all,

Im using OSMC on Raspberry PI 2, and few days ago the PI started crashing repeatedly. I enabled debugging and saw that immediately after booting, available RAM starts decreasing, at first slowly and increasing the rate over time. After less than a minute, the available RAM gets to about 380MB, at which point the PI crashes with a sad face, and restarts. I haven’t installed any new add-ons. Any ideas?

[Here’s the debug log]


380 MB is plenty for it to operate. I don’t think that this is the cause for the crash.
Linux handles ram differently than windows. It will reallocate when full. But 380MB is not full.


think i can only agree with the statements from kodi forum, start clean uninstall the shitty addons and see if same thing happens.

just because they give you free content doesnt mean that they dont come with issues and most of those issues are shitty coding that causes these issues… seen so many users having issues and think that the OS itself is the issue where im running bleeding edge OSMC with Kodi 17 without issues.

so that only strengthens my belief that these addons is the root cause.

Thanks for the reply. I want to do a fresh install, but how can I keep my library and skin settings?

myosmc there is a backup option in that addon try without superrepo etc cause suporrepo is supershit due to it breaking everything in OSMC

I’m not able to do that, because the PI crashes less than a minute after boot, so there is no time. Is there another option? Maybe put the SD card from the PI into a computer and manually copy some files and folders?

Yes, thats possible. You need a linux computer though to read the ext4 rootfs.

meeh seems like hassle i would wipe its easy to setup library and skin again

@k_nenad hope you learned something from all of this that free isn’t always good :wink:

also dunno if your doing any overclocking but i would recommend that you dont overclock like a madman since that tends to crash rpi

Thanks for your time and support. I think I’ll do some research on kodi.wiki, seems like there are some quite useful articles on backing up user data.

I’ve copied the folder /home/osmc/.kodi/userdata to my computer using DiskInternals Linux Reader. It does not support writing to linux partitions, so the plan is to do a fresh install of OSMC, boot and then use WinSCP to copy the userdata folder from the computer to the PI. Would that work?

Sure. Just be sure to not copy any addon data.

And of course if you have settings outside of userdata you need to copy them, too.