Lost OS afer update

Was wondering if anyone might be able to give me some advice, this isn’t the first time this has happened.
Ive a Raspberry Pi 3 and yesterday I updated to the latest version, when it rebooted there was the sad face it rebooted again and nothing.
Ive tried another Samsung Evo 32 GB micro DS card but its happened on both and occurred when updating the OS.
Im now installing again to see what happens on another SD card.

Kindest Regards.

Well Sad Face is basically not meaning that you “lost OS” just that your “MC” is crashing.
When that happens you always should first check if you still can SSH into the device. Based on that next steps can be determined.

Generally if you get issues after an update there are generally two possibilities:

  1. A broken SD Card that comes to light with an upgrade writing many files to the card
  2. Some addons you installed interfering with the upgrade

Thanks for your message,
I’ve come to the same conclusion it points to the SD cards, I’m going to try another make as it looks like these Samsung Evo keep failing.

I recommend OSMC 32GB SD card - OSMC A good and speedy card, and you support OSMC by buying it.

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