Lost remote dongle

I bought the OSMC remote but I’ve recently lost the dongle. Any way to get it working again? I have every version of Pi and could use with any.

What’s the order number?



This must be a very old order – and we’ve updated the remote since then, otherwise I would have sent you a new remote dongle free of charge.

Unfortunately we don’t make this remote/dongle anymore.

It is. I’m an old school client. Been using the pi since the first version.
That’s very generous of you. What’s changed in the new version?

The newer remotes have a different key layout (internally) and also use volume buttons now instead of fast forward / rewind. An older remote can’t be paired with a newer dongle as a result unfortunately.

Best I can do is say email sales@osmc.tv with your address and we can give you the best possible price for a replacement remote (and USB).