Lost websocket issues


I have some issues piloting Kodi (on a Vero 4K) from the web interface or Kore on Android. I have setup HTTP access and can correctly connect using Kore or the web interface via Wifi, using local IP address. I use a R7000 Netgear router for my Wifi network… However, when doing “stuff” such as listing addons, or selecting files, I get a lot of disconnections. Kore takes a while to re-connect and the web interface shows error messages: “lost websocket connection”. The web interface takes faster to reconnect than Kore, but it is quite annoying.
I searched on the internet about this issue and saw a few reports of the same problem, but without a cure. Some people suggested changing the HTTP port (8080, 80 etc) but this did not solve the issue.
Anyone with the same problem? Thanks.

Nope, suggest to enable debug logging and check or upload the logs after you loose connectivity.
Also if you connect in parallel via SSH would be interisting if that connection is also impacted.

Kodi v17.4 release notes actually claim to resolve this issue; so if you are not up to date then updating might remedy the situation.

Is the system load very high? If this was the case it could possibly explain a drop; but you’d need a lot of background services (torrent client; newsbin reader etc) for this to start causing issues.

I have the latest August update, is it 17.4? Also, the load is not high (no torrent or reader).
I will activate the logs and provide them later. Thanks for the suggestions!

Yes – August update is 17.4

Anyone still having issues with the Kodi websocket? For me it’s unreliable in combination with Home Assistant. Never had problems on my previous Kodi installs.

Kodi sometimes on, and showing off on HASS for example. When I disable websocket, no such issues.

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