Low volume

Ive just set up a Rpi with a hifiberry card.

When I load up volumio the sound appears to work through hifiberry ok over coax into my DAC.

When I load up OSMC I get very low volume on all audio paths. TV and DAC/amplifiers.
Ive modified OSMC to use the the dac overlay and hifiberry card as specified

Here is my config

!----------------hdmi-------------------------BREAKOUT BOX-----hdmi------------TV

! !

! toslink

! !


Any ideas on what might be going wrong? I reckon the fact that volumio works ok, means there is nothing wrong with the hardware.

I cant see any place on the user interface to set volume levels

the toslink goes from the breakout box to the DAC. the mutiple spaces have been truncated

Well you can use the -/+ keys to change the volume

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thank you