"MAC address recognition failed"

Recently I changed the DHCP scope of my network, which means also my media locations changed.
I was successful so far to get all my media back in place, however when I add or modify a media location, like “Add Videos” for example, when confirming with OK at the top right of the screen I get the following messages (in German):

“MAC address recognition (or detection) for 192.168.x.x failed”
“MAC address recognition (or detection) for [NetBIOS source 01] failed”
“MAC address recognition (or detection) for [NetBIOS source 02] failed”
“MAC address recognition (or detection) for [NetBIOS source 03] failed”

What is remarkable here is that the messages refer to old network resources, which were in use before I changed my DHCP scope.

What can I do to stop this (it takes extra time), and/or where in OSMC is the file or database which keeps these obsolete entries?

It seems like it might be an ARP issue. Have you rebooted your Pi since changing your DHCP scope?

Oh, yes - many times :slight_smile:

Then would you provide more details about what you did, exactly?

We know nothing about your media source(s), their operating system or method of file-sharing.

If you could provide us with a full set of logs from your Pi, that would help greatly. Run grab-logs -A from the command line and post the URL here.


Please also address the first two point.

Found it:
The zombies reside in the sources.xml file under userdata.
I’ll delete those, then it should be fine. If so I’ll mark the post as solved or get back again :wink:

Thanks for your assistance.