Main Menu Items disappear

Just setup OSMC to use MySQL database, and it looks like the databases are created in my MySql server. But 2 problems i have found. #1 - TV Shows and Movies menu item have disappeared from the main menu. And #2 - the database, while created, does not seem to have any data in it. I have run the export database, but not sure how to import it back into the system, as the MySQL setup document suggests. NO idea where to look for the backup file. So now i have a Music menu item and there are 2 music DBs on my MYSQL database mymusic60 and mymusic65. Video DB is created as myvideos107. All DBs seem to have no data when i open them.

I have to be missing something here. Any ideas? Thanks.

OK so i found the issue here. Yes the database got moved, but i had to rescan the Movies and TV shows back into the library. Seems to be populating my database now. Had to set the source type again for each category and i am starting to see menu items pop back up. Must have been why the menu items disappeared, there was nothing in the database so it took the menu out.