Main menu Movies entry


This is maybe a noob question, but I cannot find the skin / display options to modify the way the Movies main menu entry is showing my movies:

I would like to know if on OSMC, I can browse the Movies in a different way (not sure if I have only ‘recently added’ ones, or ‘random movies’, but certainly I don’t see all of them nor in alphabetical order. Moreover, they are displayed only under the form of a rather long horizontal thumbnails list.

Waiting for osmc on Raspberry Pi4, I had installed Libreelec + Kodi 19, and I recall I was able to change this, or at least have several way of browsing the Movies catalog, with filters/categories on top, and ‘recently added’, ‘random movies’ horizontal list on top of each other. I reckon also to be able to display the A to Z list as a panel of thumbnails instead of a long horizontal list…

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The Views you are talking about are just the widget views. Just click OK/Enter when you are on Movies and you get the Alphabetical Order. On that view when you click “menu” button you can choose List/Wall/…

Thanks a lot!

Not easy to find :-). I don’t have a menu button, but the left arrow passed from thumbnails to scrollbar, to left arrow, that led me at last to the widget display settings :-).


On the Vero Remote the one with the 3 horizontal lines. On all other remotes key c