Main menu widget customisation?

I have latest OSMC with base OSMC skin. I use one of my sources as a widget. I don’t understand why am i see files with movie frame as an Poster like - MovieName.avi, MovieName.nfo, MovieName.jpg etc…How to make it show movies the same as in category Movies? Just simple list of posters.

Thx in advance!

You’re on our stable branch, meaning that you’re still using Kodi v17.6?

Can you please post a screenshot of your home screen widgets?

Yes, i am on 17.6 I will make screenshot later today, thx

Ok, i’m back! Here you can see screenshots. In Select Widget menu i choose Video Library - Sources - MySourceName - Use as widget

My system is OSMC 2018.12-1, Kodi 17.6

Well, those items wouldn’t have an icon in the files view either. Files view is a raw view that shows all file types like .nfo files as well. Those are not media files… Widgets will only properly work with scraped media files in your library.

To add your movies from your library as a widget, select Video library/Movies/Title. That should give you an alphabetical list of all the movies in your library as a widget.

Ok, but what if want to show movies only from one source?

You’d need to create a smart playlist for that which uses the “Path” rule… You then choose that playlist as a widget source under Select widget/Video library/Playlist. :+1:t2:

Ok, thanks! I’ll try it. One more thing, is there the way to separate two types of movies? I want adult movies and kids cartoons to be separated. Currently I use sources for that but I can’t use random videos, latest etc. If I can divide it, I can use default widgets instead of that smart playlists.

P.s. no matter! Smart playlists is all I need! Thank you very much!

You can also hide files from the files view by editing advancedsettings.xml.

I will mark this solved for any other user to easily find the solution to your issue :slightly_smiling_face:

Yes, thx!