Main Menu

When I select the Music on the Main Menu it gives me a list of Artists with a default thumbnail. I am still on the Main Menu here not the Music sub-menu.
I have two questions.

  1. Is is possible to change this so that I see Albums and album cover thumbnails?
  2. Why don’t I see artist image thumbnails?

What you’re seeing is the output a configured widget for the music main menu item. The pre-configured default is Random Albums for the OSMC skin, so it looks like you already played around in the specfic menus.

Assuming you’re using OSMC skin, you can customize what’s displayed at

Settings → Interface → Skin → Configure Skin → General → Customize Main Menu → Music → Manage Widgets → Select Widget → Music

Following the suggested path and you see in the Manage Widgets menu what image and how can be shown which addresses your second question.

Thank you - Don’t know how I got to change it in the first place.

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