Making changes to skin turns on kodi debugging

not really a big issue but I’m sure it must be a bug of sorts . . . .
on raspb pi2 new install, when making any changes to the default skin (usually I remove the widgets in the skin settings) after hitting “OK” I get the message “building skin shortcuts” and then it automatically turns on Kodi debugging.
I’ve done two separate new installs on pi2s this week and it has done it on both. Also did an install on a pi1B and it does not do it there.

Provide some logs by posting the URL of grab-logs -A

and then post the URL of cat .kodi/userdata/advancedsettings.xml | paste-log before and after the change of the skon

to do that I would have to do a full new reinstall . . .
Like I said - It isn’t really a big issue - certainly not worth me doing a full reinstall again.

Why does it require a new install? Does it only happens the first time you remove the widget?
If you don’t want to provide troubleshooting logs than I suggest just delete your thread as it would not go anywhere without it.

yes, it only happens the first time a change is made to the skin.
I disagree with deleting the thread. I’m not looking for support.
I just wanted to point it out and see if others see the same thing as me - and if so, then it is something the devs might want to look at.