Making room for update: what to delete?

Hi All,

I have OSMC and Raspbian (from Noobs) running on an 8GB card on a PI3. The latest OSMC update cannot be installed because there is insufficent room on the card

What (and where - not too familiar with linux file structure so please be specific) can I delete to make space? If possible I’d like to keep Raspbian as I need to write and run a couple of Python scripts to control the monitor.

Is it possible to port everything to a larger sd-card ?


Use the backup tool, and ditch NOOBS if you plan for long term OSMC use

Thanks Sam

Did a backup using the backup script addon (is that what you meant?) then everything went #### shaped … surfice to say I was back to square one ! (i have library backups and other files so all is not too lost

So how do i wipe the catd and install osmc afresh ?


Use the official OSMC installer it will take care of all that for you Download - OSMC

Thanks Fzinken :slight_smile:

Other good news , I found the backup I made yesterday :slight_smile:

Well that was easy :grinning:
The steps ( for those interested)

Downloaded and run the windows installer selected language/network etc.
The installer collects and copies the files to the card
Pop the card into the PI and let it install (a few minutes)
Configure Video output to suit telly
Install the Backup script add-on and run the restore
Configure My-OSMC input port for lirc and restart
Select DigiTV remote

Bingo - working media centre

Thanks guys :joy:

Never on any of my systems needed to do that step!
What have you changed?

The ‘telly’ is actually an old analogue tv panel that doesn’t support all the hdmi communication options , so osmc defaults to 60hz and an incorrect overscan.