Managable way of creating large dumb playlists

So, I have a fairly extensive music library on my OSMC.

I have a family member who wants to utilize this and listen to ‘good music’. This means picking individual songs to play. Smart playlists are neat sometimes, but I doubt they’ll cut it this time.

Going through thousands of songs for a couple of hundred ‘good ones’ to add to a ‘dumb’ playlist in OSMCs interface with a TV remote control is, well, not really attractive.

I thought UPnP would allow nice playlist creation while on a desktop computer - a much more preferable work environment. This proved to be rather futile. On Windows Media Player I can browse my library and add songs to a playlist. This can then be played through OSMC, but they aren’t sent en masse from WMP but rather one my one. This means I’m not getting any ‘Currently Playing’ list to save.

On both Windows Media Player and Banshee (Linux) I can create playlists and save local copies. These I though I could manually move to Kodis userdata folder. It’s not a smooth and easy solution and it only kinda worked. Tags are lost in the process, which makes a rather ugly impression.

Any ideas of a more elegant and user-friendly way of browsing and adding songs to playlists?

Dear people from the future, this is how I work around this problem at the moment:

I set up BT Sync to sync my music library between my Raspberry Pi media center and a Windows desktop computer. Via Windows Media Player my family can now rate songs etc. - these changes to the file tags sync with OSMC and shows up there. I’ve set up a special folder on the windows machine to sync playlists - it’s syncing with …/.kodi/userdata/playlists/music on OSMC. Thus, a playlist created in WMP and exported as a .m3u to the right folder shows up and works perfectly on OSMC.