Maximum number of external drives

I currently have 4x externally powered drives on my vero4k. Is there any limit or should I limit the number of connected devices?


That’s fine – provided they are externally powered.

3x external and one portable USB.
The reason I’m asking is I’d like to add a fifth external. But going off what you said, this should be fine I guess.

A portable USB like a thumb drive won’t need external power.
Your fifth drive will. So power them with their official adapter or use a USB hub and you’ll be fine.


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Does the Vero really lack USB 3? Seems like an odd choice to only have USB 2 Support given the needed speed and peak through put of 4k Videos.

USB2 has enough bandwidth to play 4x 4K UHD films simultaneously.

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4x is a little to much more like 2x because some newer discs go up to 150 Mbit (yes they dont care about the UHD-BD standard), Disney is a good example here.

USB 3.0 would still be cool :smiley: maybe in the future.

Indeed. Disney don’t respect the typical Atmos bitrate either, which has caused some problems.

USB2 should be ample for the foreseeable future however


What Disney movies have caused issues?
USB2’s theoretical max of 480 Mbps should really not struggle with playback, even if their bitrate has some spikes above standard specs.

The only advantage for USB3 on the Vero platform should be file transfers (importing new content to a DAS device or doing backups from one DAS device to another, etc.).
Possible cons would be USB3 potentially interfering with the 2.4GHz Wi-Fi and increased hardware cost.