May update

hi @sam_nazarko!

On the last blog post you mentioned the update will be released last Sunday, do you have any news when the May update will be released?

thank you!

Give the guy a chance, it’s only just 12 noon in the UK

It was mentioned that it would be released LAST Sunday :wink:

I am looking forward to it as well, because of audio trouble I have.
But I also know that it is released when it is released, and it doesn’t help to ask, it will just delay it further, because the time will go by answering why it’s not released.

We just have to have patience :slight_smile:

all in due time think this update will bump the kernel so unless you want a buggy kernel then just take a chill pill and wait :wink:

Luckily I have a couple left :joy: :joy::joy:


Sorry – May update is still planned and coming.

Last Sunday, we had issues with 4.9 on Pi and decided to wait a bit.

This Sunday, I woke up a little late, as I had to spend some time helping some friends and family get home from London yesterday.


Hope all is well - events like this, and what happened in Manchester, put everything into perspective.

Yes – everything is fine fortunately. Thank you for asking.

I spent most of my Friday night helping people get home (checking bus time tables on my laptop); so everyone else had the fun night out and I had to deal with the rest.

May update coming very shortly.


just updated to may update and now 4k movies are unplayable (tested four). 1080p movies play fine - only tested three but all played well. The update did say error but updated anyway.

That doesn’t sound right.
I’d suggest starting a new thread.

An incomplete update would indeed cause playback issues, as the kernel and userland are quite closely coupled in this update.