Media file info?

i appreciate this is probably going to be a bit cheeky, but i have a Vero 4K as my main media player in the living room as it does everything i need it to, but i have recently installed Kodi to a Firestick 4k in our bedroom.

Is there a version of OSMC/Kodi that can be installed to a firestick? or, at a very minimum is it possible to replicate the (perhaps via add on or service) media info that is displayed when hovering over a movie tile? for exmaple that displays resolution, codec and audio track info like in OSMC?

Generally that information is automatically shown after the file is played once. The only dependency there might be is the skin used. But I would assume that Kodi on the Firestick also comes with Estuary skin which should display those infos.
If it is only about the Skin than you also can install the OSMC skin via the ZIP file.

unfortunately that doesnt seem to work, when i try to install as an add on from zip it throws up an error about a dependency on XBMC GUI 5.14 (or similar numbers)

Which version of Kodi did you install? Leia would be required for the Skin.

i went with Kodi 19, was that an error?

Then you would need to use the v19 version of the skin