Media player via batch/script? (VPN off/on for streaming)

Hi, and sorry for (maybe) noob-question.

On my OSMC which I use as mediaplayer, I have permanent OpenVPN installed and working.
Additionally, I have a m3u stream (live tv) which I need to play regularly WITHOUT VPN.
So, every time I go to terminal shell and kill OpenVPN, then starting this stream via OSMC GUI and after I’m done watching I go to terminal and start OpnVPN again. Not convenient at all.

Could I change default mediaplayer to some script which does it? Or is there any other mainstream way of doing it?

Thanks in advance

Well you could configure a route outside of the tunnel for that IP address

Thanks for suggestion. Actually, that could help, but in my situation - not so much: my configuration slightly more complicated (I omitted it to simplify) - I have transmission with kill-switch, if VPN is down :slight_smile:

And how does that make it more difficult? That is that just a question of where you define the route.

It means that I need to kill transmission as well, otherwise there will be not enough bandwidth :slight_smile: