MeLE F10-Pro mouse unresponsive in Kodi with Rasp. Pi

I’ve just installed Kodi in OSMC and am trying to use a MeLE F10 Pro air mouse and keyboard.
The keyboard works fine and I can navigate through the Kodi menu with the arrow keys. The mouse, however is a problem. It is visible when I press the mouse button on the front of the F10 but won’t move as expected. Instead it moves about 10mm from time to time in a random fashion.

Both F10 flymouse and keyboard work fine on my pc, but I get the above issues running Kodi/ OSMC on my Raspberry Pi. ver 3.

I have seen simlilar reports on the web, see —>Mele flymouse F10-pro not working as mouse - Raspberry Pi Forums

Any help would be great.